Update on our Seven College Freshman

college freshman

Update on our Seven College Freshman

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Seven of our children headed off to college this fall. Uncle Abraham checked in with them to see how things are going so far. It’s exciting to see God’s plan taking shape in their lives.

Each child gave us their personal prayer requests – please take a minute to lift them up to the Lord. Thank you!

Daniel Baraka: Cooperative University of Kenya, Diploma in Computer Science, 2 years

Baraka says his college is “smart, supportive, and awesome!” He loves the structure and the approach of the classes. He has found campus life both good and bad. Good – he is learning so many new things and has made some good friends. Bad – he is finding some of the people are not genuine so he has to be a little guarded. He is living off-campus in his own apartment and enjoys the responsibility of doing things himself.

– Please pray that he would excel in his studies and graduate. Baraka wants to thank everyone for their support. “It is really encouraging and worth it.”

Mary Waithera: Zetech University, Hospitality and Tourism Management, 3 years

Mary likes the friendly and engaging lecturers and the freedom she has to make decisions that will determine her future direction. Sharing goals and perspectives with students from different departments has made a real impact on her. She has joined the French Club and believes it will help her serve God by reaching out to people from different nations. She is living in an apartment with her own room and she loves it!

– Please pray that she would excel in her studies and graduate, trusting God in the process.

James Chengori: Kenya Medical Training College, Community Health Assistant, 2 years

James says this is a great college, the students behave well and are self-motivated. He also enjoys the lectures. He has joined the sports club and plays soccer and volleyball which keeps him fit. He is getting to know more people and their life experiences. He lives in on-campus hostels and looks forward to knowing his roommate who has not yet moved in.

– Please pray for James to achieve his dreams of serving the people in the hospitals, seeing them receive healing in the name of the Lord, through his hands.

Tony Mungai: National Industrial Training Institute, Automotive Technology, 1 ½ years

Tony says the campus is very nice and he enjoys the practical-orientated courses. He lives off- campus in his own apartment. “I love it; it is good. 🤗🤗” He has made some friends and appreciates that they help one another.

– Please pray that he can grasp all the automotive concepts and that he will learn all the skills.

Grace Chelangat: Daystar University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 4 years

Grace enjoys that her nursing classes are very conducive to learning. She also loves the beautiful landscape and stunning views! She warns that the area is “hot as toast” so visitors beware! Living away from home, meeting new people, and managing her time is fun and allows room for self-evaluation. She has joined a Christian club where she can study God’s Word and showcase her musical talents. Grace lives in on-campus hostels with four girls per room. Living so close to others with different backgrounds has taught her a new value – respecting diversity.

– Please pray that God would give her His strength and guidance through this academic journey. That she would achieve her goals, and those who love her would be proud.

Issa Benjamin: KCA University, Information Security and Forensics, 3 years

Issa says this is the best college in Kenya offering CPA and IT courses. It promotes talents in addition to offering excellent academic courses. He loves learning something new each and every day. He is very enthusiastic and says, “It is the best school I have ever attended.” He lives in an off-campus apartment which is teaching him a lot about financial planning, time management, and knowing himself better.

– Please pray he would be able to focus because there are so many distractions in college. Issa says, “I LOVE MY CHILDREN OF HOPE FAMILY SO MUCH.”

Alex Kwemoi: Zetech University, Diploma in Film and Television Production, 2 ½ years

Alex likes that this is a place where he can be free to explore his talents. He has participated in drama and has made friends from some of his classes which is fun. He lives in an off-campus hostel where food is included but is sometimes bland. He looks forward to moving to his own apartment next semester so he can cook and eat what he enjoys.

– Please pray that Alex would pass his exams.