Our Kitalale Home

Our Kitalale Home opened in December 2010 with our first five children. The home at Kitalale is a sprawling family-style building with a common area where we can congregate as one big family. Located on 10 acres in a rural area on relatively flat terrain on the western border of Kenya, the land provides plenty of room for growing fruits and vegetables, pasturing cows for milk and raising chickens.

Our home strives to be active in the community by providing jobs, Vacation Bible Schools, sporting events and community days.

Our Kitalale Children

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Our Kitalale Family Life

Our home is a haven of hope, peace, and love, where children can lay their heads down in safety. Surrounded by their family of brothers and sisters, and ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ they can enjoy a secure, happy childhood. Our home in Kitalale provides all the essentials for the well-being, growth, and development of our children. Our mission is to care for and nurture each child who comes to us as we would our very own. The caregivers, known as, ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles,’ and the children share meals, laughter, stories and chores, and enjoy full physical and emotional healthcare, comprehensive education, safe shelter, spiritual guidance and lots of love.

Kitalale Home:
PO Box 2008-30200
Kitale, Kenya
Office phone: 0718 720620

Kitalale News