Ways to Give

Whether you are able to give a one-time or ongoing donation, know that your generosity will bring happiness and hope to our children.

Child Sponsorship Fund

Tembo Level

Your generous monthly donation fully supports one child. For $400 each month, you will be helping an orphaned child grow into a proud and productive member of their community thanks to the loving home and family you have provided them.

Simba Level

Together with three other donors, your $100 monthly support will help a child in need receive the love and nurturing everyone deserves. From early on in life, home will be a positive environment for these treasured children thanks to your assistance.

Twiga Level

It takes a village to raise a child, and with your monthly gift of $40 that is exactly what you’ll be doing. Along with nine other donors at the Twiga Level, you’ll help raise, love and educate a precious child from infancy on through their post-secondary education.

General Fund

Moyo Level

Donations made at the Moyo Level are equally important and are used for the areas of greatest need. Your selfless giving will help in countless ways to support our homes in Kenya. From the food on the table to the books on their desk, none of these would be possible without your help.

Scholarship Fund

Bundi Level

This scholarship fund was designed to offset the increasing cost of higher education and helps ensure our children will continue to receive the best education through university.