Children of Hope®

We invite you to become part of our family.

Offering a Home, Family and Hope to Orphaned Children in Kenya

A home where kids are cared about, not simply cared for;

A home where caregivers see what they do as a calling, not just a job;

A home where staff goes beyond investing in the children,

To becoming their family. 

Ways to Give

“Whoever receives one little child like this in my name, receives me.”
Matthew 18:5


$400 per month provides full sponsorship of one child per month


$100 per month provides shared sponsorship of one child per month


$40 per month provides shared sponsorship of one child per month

MOYO Level

One-time or ongoing donation of any amount to help the greatest area of need


A one-time or ongoing donation to help supplement the cost of higher education

Latest News

  • Every year, both our homes support and embrace traditions around faith to the fullest. This year was nothing different. This Easter, we took time to thank God for all the wonderful children he has entrusted to our care, and for all of you who have......

  • If there’s one thing our children look forward to during their school break, it’s the free time they have with their brothers and sisters to do things they enjoy outside of school. We love encouraging our children to pursue their passions and get their creative......

  • The children at our Kikuyu home are celebrating the arrival of baby John into their home. There is nothing that brings more joy to our homes than seeing new faces join our family. Last month, we introduced you to baby John, and your excitement to......

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