Meet Alex and Lexie

Meet Alex and Lexie

We want to introduce you to Alex and Lexie! These siblings joined our Kikuyu home back in June. Their Children of Hope story began late one night, when someone saw them hiding next to a busy Nairobi highway in a dangerous part of town. By God’s grace, they were placed in our home temporarily while the police and Children’s Department looked for any relatives that could care for them. The courts decided that it was necessary for both Alex and Lexie to become part of our Kikuyu family. We are so grateful that we can provide a safe, nurturing environment for them to flourish and heal. That is exactly what is happening!

Alex – What a Change

When 4-year-old Alex joined us, he was very protective of his sister. This is understandable since it had been his role to look out for Lexie, but it tugs at our hearts that such a young boy would feel the weight of this responsibility. Initially, he was very hyperactive and disorderly – sometimes yelling at the other children and forcefully taking their toys. Before he came to Children of Hope, he didn’t know when or if he would have his next meal so, he would eat and eat, not understanding that wasn’t necessary. The Aunties encouraged him to stop eating and reassured him that he would have plenty of food at the next meal.

Now, four months later, Alex is thriving. He is much calmer, has learned to share, shows concern for his siblings, and reports when others are misbehaving. Auntie Peninah says that he likes to take charge and loves the responsibility of leading other children while doing chores. She believes he will grow to be a fine leader! Alex is very outgoing – making new friends almost immediately. He is cheerful and fun-loving all throughout the home. He loves that the Aunties are teaching him some basic things like counting, letters, and numbers. He is also learning to say his prayers and has bonded with the rest of his new family.

Lexie – Finding Her Joy

When 2-year-old Lexie arrived in the home, she was very scared and found comfort and security with her brother. It was sweet of the Lord to build such a strong bond between this young brother and sister since they had to rely so heavily on one another. It would take Lexie a little time to trust that those in our home are safe and secure people for her. She was withdrawn and sensitive and would cry very easily. She was thin, looking malnourished, and did not have a good appetite.

In these few short months, Lexie has really blossomed and is now an outgoing, bubbly girl. She loves to tease, laugh, and especially cuddle. She has found a safe place and a loving family in our Kikuyu home. We can’t wait to see her grow and mature and become all that God wants her to be. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. They help make all this possible.

Since Alex and Lexie are brand-new to our home, they don’t have sponsors yet. Would you like to sponsor them?

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