Reflecting on 2022: Gratitude in our Homes

Giving thanks in 2022: Gratitude in our Homes

Reflecting on 2022: Gratitude in our Homes

“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”

– Romans 12:10

Every year we thank God for the wonderful children he has entrusted to our care, and for the opportunity to see them thrive. 2022 has been a year of growth, celebrations, challenges, and togetherness. As we come closer to the end of this heartwarming year, we’re humbled to reflect on the great strides our children have been making at our homes, and the lovely babies who joined our family this year. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for your support, generosity, and love. There is a lot to be thankful for, and we’re excited to share that gratitude with our extended family, you.

We spent the last week speaking to our children and aunties and uncles about their highlights of the year so far, and asked them what they were most thankful for. Our video blog today will share all of these testimonials, straight from the hearts of our homes. 

Kitalale Home Gives Thanks 

The children at Kitalale are thankful for a lot of things this year. From arts and crafts to doing well on their exams, the children were grateful for it all. A few of our children and aunties were very excited to film this video for us, and had a wonderful time bonding with their brothers and sisters. At Children of Hope, we’re most thankful for God’s blessings, our love for one another, and the growing bonds of our Children of Hope family. 

Watch the Kitalale home give thanks in the video below. 

Kikuyu Home Gives Thanks 

The children at Kikuyu home came together to express their gratitude, respect, and love for God this year. While some of the children thanked God for their aunties and uncles who are like their parents, others were happy to share their gratitude for their brothers and sisters at our homes. 

Our hearts are so full of love, pride, and appreciation for our children, and we’re so grateful for having them be a part of our big family at Children of Hope. 

Watch the Kikuyu home give thanks in the video below. 

A Message from Children of Hope 

As mentioned above, we’ve had a lot to celebrate this year. From six new babies joining our homes to children entering university, it’s been a blessed time for us all. As the African proverb goes, it takes a village, and we’re so thankful for everyone’s support. 

None of this would have been possible without you, our community, from sending us prayers and well wishes to giving us financial assistance. For that, we are so grateful. 

Here’s a message of thanks from our Kenyan Director of Operations, Abraham Kiboki. 

A special note of thanks from our U.S staff and Board of Directors of Children of Hope. From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with love and God’s blessings. May your year be filled with laughter, happiness, and joy.