Our Seven Graduates Attend Word of Life Camp

Our Seven Graduates Attend Word of Life Camp

Ephesians 5:1, “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us…”

Every year, one of our generous donors assists in sending our high school graduates to the Word of Life Camp in Mombasa, Kenya. This three-month discipleship camp cultivates some amazing qualities in our young adults, giving them a strong Biblical foundation as they prepare to enter college or university.

Packed up and ready for camp!

One of the many Bible classes taught by a Word of Life instructor

This year, all of our seven graduates attended. From our Kitalale home: Grace, James, and Alex and from our Kikuyu home: Issa, Baraka, Tony, and Mary.

The camp focuses on:

  • Building a strong foundation of faith based in God’s Word 
  • Teaching how to share the love of God without words on Funzi Island
  • Teaching practical life skills: mock job interviews, essay writing, professional conduct, relationship building, confidence in speaking, what to expect from college/university

James and Grace ministering to the children on Funzi Island.

The structure of the camp builds good daily habits including an hour set aside each morning for time with the Lord. Initially, it was a challenge for our kids to fill up the ENTIRE hour, but it didn’t take long for them to enjoy this special time alone with God. 

The camp ends with a celebration and graduation ceremony. This year Auntie Damaris and Uncle Moses took the six-hour train ride to Mombasa to rejoice with our graduates! 

Word of Life Graduation

Word of Life Graduation: Uncle Moses, Mary, Alex, James, Issa, Baraka, Tony, Douglas (friend), Auntie Damaris, and Grace

Aunt Damaris, “I was super excited to attend the closing ceremony at the Word of Life Camp. It was my first time to be on a train and I was eager to experience it. I was also excited to enjoy the graduation ceremony of our children who had been away for 3 months working so hard. Our children had changed so much; they seemed more mature, composed, and confident. I thank God for this camp; the transformation our children go through after attending has always been wonderful.”

Uncle Moses, “The highlight for me was seeing some of our children win awards; Anthony Mungai was crowned the Best Volunteer Award for being an outstanding student by helping others and the staff on campus. Grace was awarded the Top Student in Academics and Scripture Memory. We were filled with pride for our children. It was wonderful seeing all the students beaming with joy and a feeling of accomplishment after the rigorous camp experience.”

You won’t want to miss what Issa, Baraka, Tony, and Mary (our Kikuyu graduates) shared about their time at camp. 

And some quotes from our Kitalale kids:

James Cheng’ori, “My greatest challenge, initially, was learning to adjust to the new structure and relating with people from diverse backgrounds. But, as time went by, I became comfortable. My greatest lesson was that I should serve the Lord with all my heart and help other people to understand who God is and His purpose in their lives. In everything I do I should do it to the glory of God!”

Alex Kwemoi, “Word of Life was a place I got to know more about God and my potential. The skills we learned will be helpful in our future lives.”

Grace Chelang’at, “I had fun memorizing the 60 verses and presenting them in six minutes. This was actually an amazing moment for me. My greatest challenge was when hot tea spilled on my thighs after I was frightened by a monkey. This was one of my lowest moments because I was not able to walk well for about three weeks. I overcame this challenge with the help of the Word of Life and CoH family who prayed and were always there for me. My greatest take homes were to always be humble in life because God lifts the humble, to always have a good relationship with people, to always be straight forward, and to be accountable with everything, especially time.”

Grace and Mary enjoying the beach.