Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to the Family!

“God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:6

We are overjoyed to introduce you to the newest members of our Kitalale family – Felix and Daniel!

Children of Hope is truly what our name declares – a place for children to find hope. These brothers were found wandering along the edge of Mt. Elgon Forest. Praise be to God, they were not attacked by the many hyenas who occupy the woods. A Good Samaritan found Felix (4) and Daniel (1½) and contacted the Children’s Department. The boys had not eaten in days and were hospitalized needing IV medication and care for jiggers. They were placed with us temporarily while their history was investigated. It was discovered that their grandmother was responsible for them, but she was in poverty, would often go missing for days at a time, and had a severe alcohol problem. No other family members were found who could care for them, so the Children’s Department made the hard decision that Children of Hope was the best option. We were happy to welcome these precious children into our family.

The boys were placed in our Kitalale home among loving Aunties and Uncles who tended their wounds, encouraged their hearts, provided nutritious food, and a great deal of unconditional love. They also provided structure through a daily routine which is crucial because, in time, the routine quiets the children’s fears. They learn to trust that they will be cared for, fed, and have a place to sleep. Once they learn to trust the routine, they learn to trust the caregiver.

Daniel with Uncle Amos Mtai and Felix with Uncle Amos Kibet

We know the wholehearted devotion and love of each Auntie and Uncle has played a significant role in the boys’ healing, but we also know that God, “…heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds,” Psalm 147:3. The Lord is the Great Healer and moves mightily throughout our homes.

When Daniel was welcomed into our home, he was quite hostile and very protective of himself. He was only able to crawl and was so weak he had to be carried everywhere for a while. With good nutrition, care from the staff, and the other children’s love and encouragement, he was soon persuaded to walk. He wanted to keep up with these sweet new “brothers and sisters.” Initially, Daniel only interacted with his brother, but now he enjoys all the kids and has a special bond with Gracious, Jonathan, and Joseline. He just glows as he heads out to the farm with Uncle Amos Kibet to visit the cows. He also plays with the adorable puppies and throws the ball back and forth in the yard. His transformation is truly remarkable.

When Felix joined the family, he was extremely thin and occasionally aggressive. The loving, structured environment helped Felix quickly feel safe, secure, and cared for. He delights in learning and eagerly takes both instruction and correction. He is often the first one dressed and ready to leave for school each morning. Felix has a soft spot for one of the younger boys, Darian (who was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum) sharing his books and seeing to his needs while at school. He also has a sweet connection with Clara, Jonathan, and both of our Uncle Amoses. The Aunties and Uncles keep a close eye on him because he is regularly off exploring the farm, the home, and even under his bed.

The way our family has embraced these boys is a picture of the love of Jesus. May you, our supporters, be confident that when you give to Children of Hope, your donations are used to glorify God in the lives of our precious boys and girls.