Faces of Children of Hope | Grace

Faces of Children of Hope | Grace

In 2003, we opened our hearts and doors in Kenya for the first time. Ever since we started our ministry, several of our children have grown up, gone through college and transitioned into independent adulthood. We are incredibly proud of every single kid that has grown up in our homes, their academic achievements and feel blessed to have them in our lives. Today, we get to share the story of our precious Grace Chelangat, future neurosurgeon and currently the oldest girl in our Kitalale home.

Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light

John 12:36

Grace at 9 years old showing off some of her drawings

It’s thanks to your generous contributions towards our scholarship fund that we are able to empower our kids and give them an opportunity to follow their dreams. Grace, now 15, is a testament to how hard work and perseverance truly pays off. Blessed with multiple talents and a dependable character, Grace has emerged as a leader in her school and is currently ranked 6th out of 224 students in her age group. She hopes to attend Medical School after graduation.

Our beloved graced talking about her aspirations

Prior to joining the Children of Hope family, Grace was living with her aunt who had taken her in after she lost both of her parents to illness.  When Grace’s aunt became unwell herself, she had difficulty providing for her own family, which put Grace in a vulnerable position. After the Children’s Department and our social worker assessed the situation, it was recommended that Grace join the Children of Hope family. We welcomed Grace, who was 7 at the time, to our loving family on April 27th, 2011.

Now in her second year of High School at the St. Monica’s Girls Kitale school (one of the top schools in Western Kenya!), Grace has been able to thrive and is always amongst the top students in her class. With an incredible sense of focus and dedication, Grace has been able to excel in almost everything she does, including math and science. We have no doubt that with her ongoing dedication and passion for the sciences and helping people, she’ll fulfil her dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon.

Grace in her Scouts uniform

In the 5th grade, Grace joined the Scouts club which has played a big part in the development of her character and fostered  her ‘go-getter’ mentality. Since then, Grace has been involved in different clubs and has held several leadership positions including Assistant Chair for the Christian Union Fellowship and Class Secretary for her grade. We’re incredibly proud of Grace’s achievements and her reliable, conscientious, and sensitive leadership style, which has initiated a conversation between her school teachers and her to discuss the possibility of becoming the next school captain (also known as school president in the U.S) in the following year!

Throughout the years, Grace and Faith have become very close friends

Aside from her academic achievements, Grace is an incredible role model for the younger kids in the home. With extraordinary patience and care, Grace is always willing to lend a hand and help other kids with their homework when they’re struggling. It’s very sweet to watch her sharing her high school experiences with one of her best friends in the home, Faith. She’s always inspiring her to strive for more since they’re very close with each other. In her free time, Grace enjoys painting, doing beadwork and singing – she has an angelic voice that fills our home with joy.

Mercy and Grace harmonizing

Education is a human right. Thanks to your valuable contributions, we are able to give our 100 kids an opportunity to claim their right and grow into the people they want to become. It is our responsibility to fulfill this promise and do everything we can to make their dreams come true. We want to ensure our kids have every opportunity and to do so, we send them to the best schools in our areas from primary through secondary.

Our Scholarship Fund was designed to offset the increasing costs of higher education and help ensure our children continue to receive the best education through university. Whether it’s a pilot, hairdresser or neurosurgeon, we will always aim to provide the best opportunity for our kids.

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