Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Faith

Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Faith

Before being blessed with their presence, every kid in the Kikuyu or Kitalale homes had a story. Regardless of how their individual tales were scripted, their paths lead them to start a new chapter with us and join our beloved family. 

Faith can move mountains” Matthew 17:20

This month, we get to share the story of resilience and growth. We get to share with you the story of our dear 9 year old Faith! 

At a young age, Faith and her brother Moses’s life took an unexpected twist. By the time Faith was 3 years old, her and her brother were left orphaned after the sudden loss of their parents. Their elderly grandma, though loving them dearly, was overwhelmed and unable to provide the care two growing children needed.

In 2011, we were fortunate to welcome Faith & Moses who easily integrated themselves into their new family. Thanks to the generous contributions from our donors and care from our aunties and uncles, their mind, body and spirit were restored and their smiles soon returned.

Faith (right) and her brother Moses (left)

Throughout the years, Faith has shown incredible resilience and is doing astonishingly well. We’re filled with joy and pride that Faith is healthy and enjoys using her body in rigorous physical activity and the arts. Now in grade 6, Faith appreciates dancing, singing and reciting poems. She has a dramatic flair and makes friends easily.

This past July, Faith and her school team participated in the National Music Festival – an incredible milestone for both her and the team. After a fabulous performance of a traditional Swahili song and dance called ‘Taarab’, Faith and her team were awarded the 2nd place out of 47 Counties in Kenya – we were ecstatic with this accomplishment!

Although sometimes tough, Faith’s sensitive, soft-spoken and caring character allows her to connect and have good relationships with the other kids. Her innate desire to care for others has inspired her to become a nurse when she grows up. To continue nurturing and supporting this dream of hers, Faith gets called onsite by our matron at Kitalale, Lillian, to assist with treating any minor injuries.

When Joy, one of our other girls in the Kitalale home, recently fell and scraped her back, Faith helped Lillian apply antibiotic ointment to make her feel better. Despite Joy’s upset and distress, Faith was able to keep calm and be very gentle throughout the entire process. It’s incredibly precious seeing Faith light up as she treats her “patients” with Lilian by her side championing her desire to become a nurse.

 As she’s entering her teenage years, Faith can sometimes incite others to have a bit more fun than usual. Thanks to the good relationships she has with her aunties, Faith is able to have productive conversations regarding her behavior and rapidly learns from her mistakes. As we continue to see Faith grow, her spirituality has also matured and is making us very happy seeing her connect with God.

Are you thinking of sponsoring a child? Take a look at our Ways to Give page to learn more about the different ways you can support a child and be part of their story! It is because of our ongoing donors that we’re able to share stories of courage, resilience and growth like Faith’s.

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