2021 by Numbers: Our Year

2021 By Numbers: Our Year

2021 by Numbers: Our Year

Here is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.” 

– Proverbs 23:18

We’re coming to the end of another delightful, challenging, and inspiring year at our Kitalale and Kikuyu homes. Despite the changes and adaptations that were brought about by COVID-19, we are humbled by the great strides our children have been making at our homes. Without your generosity, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, let us take a moment to appreciate all the good things that have happened for our children and our homes this year.

Let’s celebrate our year by looking back at the numbers.

1 child learned how to walk

1 cooking competition between cottages at Kikuyu home

1 older boys’ cottage built at Kitalale

1 child joined our Kikuyu family

2 ducks and 2 geese were bought in Kikuyu

3 children started college

3 calves were born at Kikuyu home and 2 at Kitalale home

4 children started Grade 1 at school

8 quarterly birthday parties celebrating 99 precious children

10 baby bunnies born in Kitalale

10 pigeons at Kitalale

12 lambs were born at Kikuyu home and 4 at Kitalale home

14 tons of vegetables grown

17 paintings painted

20 staff meetings held

74 chickens raised and cooked

94 exams passed

180 movies watched

185 doctors appointments

325 donors provided support

540 games played

650 tomatoes grown in the greenhouse 

650 green pepper grown in the greenhouse

730 hours of family devotion time

940 hours of exam revision done

1000+ soccer games played

1100+ basketball games played

1460 prayers shared

1800 loads of washing

2190 meals cooked

5445 homework assignments completed

As you can see, our homes were filled with excitement, happiness and hope for all our children. Your constant faith and continued support in our children have helped them accomplish so much this year. Let’s look at some of our major highlights that brought smiles to our children’s faces.

Kitalale Boys’ Cottage

When we last spoke about our Kitalale boys’ cottage a few months ago, we were knee-deep in construction work and renovations. Today, we’re excited to share that our boys’ cottage is now complete. Despite the challenges COVID-19 threw at us, our dedicated team of individuals worked tirelessly until our cottage was built. Thanks to your generous support, the cottage is ready to house 16 of our growing boys. The cottage includes four bedrooms with amenities for four children per room, and has a house father’s room as well. Our boys were all smiles as they watched their new cottage come to life. They’re so excited to live in their new rooms with their brothers!

The boys are very excited to move into their new rooms with their brothers

3 Children Have Started College

Margaret Wangare, Dennis Mwangi, and Dennis Maina, from our Kikuyu home, have started a new chapter of their lives. 

  • Margaret Wangare is studying Medical Records Technology; a two-year course at the Medical Training College in the Machakos Campus. Margaret is thrilled to be pursuing her passion and feels as if her dream of working in the medical field is finally coming true
  • Dennis Mwangi, our creative genius, is studying Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing, along with Fashion and Design at the Thika Institute of Business Studies 
  • Dennis Maina has always been drawn to mechanical things from a young age. This passion drove him to study Automotive Engineering at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology
Margaret Wangare, Dennis Mwangi, and Dennis Maina from right to left

Baby Gracious learned how to walk

Gracious Mukhwana was only a month old on May 30th when she first arrived at our home. Today she is a year and a half old and took her very first steps just last month. From uncles and aunties to the children, Gracious is loved by all. She always has plenty of hands around her to help her as she learns how to walk. A quick learner and happy-go-lucky child, Gracious is learning to be herself in a nurturing and healthy environment. We’re so excited to share her journey with you!

Another exciting thing to celebrate? Gracious talks at every chance she gets. In fact, she can mention a few words effortlessly and knows all the names of the aunties and children at the home. 

Gracious Mukhwana

So, as you’ve seen, we have a lot to be thankful for this year. We appreciate your ongoing support and wish you and your family a lovely holiday season. 

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