Transitioning Into 2021: Back To School

Our children excited to return from a day of school.

Transitioning Into 2021: Back To School

As we enter a new year, our children are also starting a new school term following a wonderful Christmas break. The children are so excited to return to school, see their friends and learn new things. While school procedures are looking a little different again this year, our children are adjusting well and working hard to follow protocols. 

Let’s take a look to see what education looks like in 2021 for our children…

Back to School

The start of 2021 marked all of our children going back to school. We had two groups of students returning to school this month. Our candidate group of children including students in class 4, class 8, and form 4 are scheduled to sit their National Exam between March and April this year. 

Masked and ready to go back to school.

The other group of children returning to school this month is the non-candidate students who make up the majority. They just started their 2nd term which will continue until mid-March where they will then have a 7-week break before starting their final term.

Our children love learning and socializing with their peers, but they get equally excited to return home and be with their big family.

COVID-19 Protocols in Schools

As COVID-19 is still a huge issue in Kenya, as well as across the rest of the world, preventing the spread of the virus is always at the front of our minds. COVID-19 protocols have been a big challenge in schools here in Kenya. There is a lack of basic infrastructure for sanitation in many government-owned schools which form the majority of schools in Kenya. These schools are overcrowded with students, and the majority do not have running water. The Ministry of Education has been focusing on providing basic sanitation facilities to schools lacking in them. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, handwashing stations have been built in all schools, thermometer guns were purchased and teachers have been taught how to use them. All students were asked to report to school with face masks, sanitizers and properly use them as directed by the healthcare professionals. It has been a real challenge, and implementing social distancing measures at schools has been almost impossible. Luckily, there haven’t been any reported COVID-19 cases at schools since they reopened this year. 

At both of our homes, we take COVID-19 protocols very seriously. Every morning, all our children carry with them two masks and a bottle of sanitizer. We remind them about the importance of following the protocols. When they return from school, they immediately have a shower and we begin washing all of their school uniforms. We thank God for the safety and health, each and every day. 

New College Beginnings

At the start of the month, we packed up Freddy’s belongings ready for his new start at KCA University to study Film Technology. Despite the younger children being sad to wave Freddy goodbye, they did enjoy helping him load his bags into the car!

Freddy is getting ready to study at college.

A little help from Elaine, Joshua and Jesse packing up Freddy’s belongings. 

We will also be waving Mercy off to college this month! After spending lots of time considering her options, Mercy has received her acceptance papers to the Railway Training Institute in Nairobi for a two-year course studying Food & Beverage Production & Services. She has a passion for cooking and has already done an internship with a baker and has learned lots from our cooks at Kikuyu, as well as from Auntie Peninah. We are very proud of her and excited to see her succeed.

Mercy received her acceptance papers to the Railway Training Institute. 
Mercy has always had a passion for cooking and baking. 

Graduation Celebrations

As well as waving Freddy and Mercy off to college, we have also been celebrating James’ graduation from college! We couldn’t be more proud of how well he has done, and although virtual, we got to celebrate his graduation. 

James graduated from KCA University. 

We’re proud of every one of our children and their accomplishments over the past year and beyond. We’re looking forward to supporting them with their futures as they grow and learn more. The donations and prayers from our wider community support the growth and health of our children, so we are eternally grateful for your continued support.