Foundation of Kitalale

Foundation of Kitalale

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.
1 Corinthians 16:13

As we approach the 10th anniversary of our Kitalale home, we’ve been reflecting with our kids and staff members about what Kitalale means to them. Much of the home’s success over the past 10 years is thanks to the seven individuals who have been there from the very beginning. They helped set the foundation for what Kitalale would become, and together with the other staff who have joined us over the years, they continue to dedicate their hearts to our children. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Joyce, Martin, Joseph, Marion, Lydia, Martha and Abraham for all of their work and dedication throughout the years. Please join us in learning a bit more about the staff members who have been with us since the beginning and have made our dreams come true.

Meet Auntie Joyce

Before becoming an Auntie, Joyce started working with Children of Hope as a construction worker. Even though construction jobs were usually reserved for men, Joyce was a young mother and saw this as an opportunity to provide for her family. She started off by watering the concrete, cleaning debris, and supporting the rest of the crew when needed. During the construction period, we got to see her heart of gold, and we knew she would be a great fit as an Auntie. We still think this was one of the best decisions we ever made! Today, Joyce especially enjoys working with the teenage boys like James, Alex and Kevin who need special attention and care. Joyce has a talent for connecting with these kids and motivating them to become talented young men.

Meet Uncle Martin

We first met Martin when he was working as the construction site’s security guard. During that time, we enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know his bright personality and tender heart. As a gentleman, we knew he would be great for our family. When we officially opened our doors in December, he became our security guard. Since then, he has struck a rapport with all of our kids and staff members. He is often seen sharing the word of God with the kids and staff during his free time. Outside of  being our security guard, Martin has a green thumb and an eye for gardening. He makes sure the flowers, plants and bushes around the Kitalale home are in order.

Meet Uncle Joseph

As a casual worker for our farm, we saw Joseph’s drive and passion right away. We admired the way he connected with the kids, taught them about farming, and made them laugh. Though he came to us with little kitchen experience, we decided to hire him as one of our cooks and teach him how to be a chef. Today, he knows all of our kids favorite dishes, and will make them whenever they need additional comforting. The kids and staff truly appreciate when Joseph cooks Githeri for them, a traditional Kenyan meal made out of steamed beans and maize. Joseph enjoys mentoring the younger children and seeing them thrive.

Meet Aunties Marion, Lydia and Martha

We have been incredibly grateful for this all-star team over the past few months. Marion, Lydia, and Martha lead the cleaning team for our Kitalale home, and they have been in charge of all of the COVID-19 cleaning protocols. For the past 10 years, they have ensured every single corner in the home is kept clean, and that each of our 53 kids has clean clothes to wear. When asked about their jobs, they say they do it for God and for the children. 

Marion, a mother of three children of her own, is an incredible addition to our home. She knows how to be around children and provide them with the love and support they need. The younger children enjoy hanging out with her since she has a soft personality and is always willing to teach them housekeeping skills. When it comes to cleaning, Marion is very meticulous and tidy, leaving every surface and corner around our home spotless.

Lydia is a natural leader who others respect and look up to. As a mother of seven, she knows how to multitask and make sure every kid is cared for. In our homes, she takes her time to work on every task until it is done perfectly. Lydia particularly enjoys ensuring all of the laundry in our home is done, folded and put away in the wardrobes neatly for the kids to enjoy. 

As for Martha, whenever she’s in the home, you know it’s going to be a good day. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work and life are contagious. Martha is patient, kind and dedicated to all of the kids in the Kitalale home. You can always hear Martha singing worship songs while she works! 

Meet Uncle Abraham

Abraham joined the Children of Hope family in Kenya right out of college with a degree in accounting and served as our Administrator and Accountant. He oversaw the home’s construction project and helped hire the first staff members. It was his experience of watching the first five kids come into the home and adapting to their new lives that convinced him he was in the right place. Ever since, his heart has always been devoted to the 53 kids under our care, and the 24 staff members in our Kitalale home. Over the past 10 years, Abraham has proven to be an incredible leader and now serves as our Kenya Director of Operations, overseeing both our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes. We are so grateful for the impact Abraham has had on the lives of the children and staff in Kenya. He is so much more than his job title, Abraham is a true father figure to each and every one of our 103 children who all love him dearly. 

As a team, Joyce, Martin, Joseph, Marion, Lydia, Martha and Abraham have supported the growth of our organization and have witnessed the growth of the 53 kids under our care in the Kitalale home. Their hard work and love throughout the years is a testament to the power of family, community and God. 

A big congratulations to each one of them and to the rest of our staff in our Kitalale home!