We’d Be Nothing Without You: 2021 Staff Appreciation Day

We’d Be Nothing Without You: 2021 Staff Appreciation Day

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Our Family Village

Here at Children of Hope, the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” has always been used time and time again. At Children of Hope, our Home really is a village consisting of all our staff that are there each day caring for, protecting, nurturing, and sharing God’s love with each and every one of our children.

A Tradition Here to Stay

In 2019, we started the annual Children of Hope Staff Appreciation Day. A tradition we hope to carry on throughout the many years to come. A day set aside to celebrate each staff member who has dedicated their time, energy, and lives to serve our family. It is a day that they can come to work worry-free, a day to just relax and share and reflect on the triumphs and challenges over the past year. It is our hope that everyone who walks through our doors and serves truly knows that they are valued, loved, and appreciated. After all, Children of Hope would not exist if it wasn’t for their hearts of gold.

Our wonderful Kikuyu staff enjoying some delicious food

This year, our Staff Appreciation Day was held during the same time our USA family came to visit. As the excitement surrounding the event grew, our staff arrived at our Kitalale and Kikuyu homes dressed to impress. The ladies in our Kitalale home wore beautiful African Printed dresses with matching head dresses. Not wanting to feel left out, the men were equally as sharply dressed.

Aunties at Kitalale dressing to impress

As soon as they found their seats around their table, our staff was served snacks which included some juice, samosas, and some mandazi (African donuts). To start, a word of prayer was given by Abraham and Elaine to welcome everybody to this event.

Never Missing Out On the Fun

Of course, our Children could not miss out on the fun. Our older Children at Kitalale took on the role of “chefs” and worked together to prepare a feast for our staff while the others helped out with serving as we ate buffet style.

Our Kitalale kids playing the roles as “server” for the day

Our sweet boy, James, jumped in and went around the tables to make sure everyone was well-fed, and even went so far as to help our staff get second helpings and drinks. It was incredible to see how much he enjoyed serving others – a trait he has developed by seeing all our staff lead by example.

At Kikuyu, our staff truly had a chance to relax and not worry about the cooking. We had the help of a chef come in and cook some Chapati, Samosa, Nyam Choma, as well as chicken and beef stew which was enjoyed by all.

Gratitude, Thanks, and Endless Appreciation

Then it was time for the speeches. 

Elaine, Abraham, along with our visiting guests and staff representatives delivered words of appreciation, gratitude, and thanks to all our staff which was followed by the presentation of gifts to our staff. 

Our Kikuyu kids presented handwritten and decorated thank you cards.

A great day of fun continued as our staff danced, feasted and laughed. At Kitalale, the staff danced a dance originating from the native Sabot tribe, a sub-tribe of the Kalenjin Tribe that emanates from the Larger Nilotic Origin. They danced by rhythmically moving their necks and slightly jumping while throwing a spear or cane up in the air, dancing in circles. The Kikuyu Home dance was more of the Kenyan Urban dance – moves mostly done by the young people.

To sum up the event, we share some highlights from two of our staff members expressing their gratitude and appreciation:

“ I love working here at CoH since I am not only appreciated for what I do, but I am also taken to be part of a bigger family in transforming the lives of the precious children under our care”

– Kepha, Kikuyu Head Cook

“When I see how far we have come with some of the children under our care, I am left with thanksgiving in my heart. I am so grateful to God for giving us such a wonderful home and staff to work with. Being appreciated for the good work feels so nice. I am so happy and grateful to be a staff member here at CoH”

– Joyce, Kitalale Auntie

A Few More Highlights

Kitalale kids being the best servers ever!
Beautiful, personalized gifts created by our US staff for our Aunties and Uncles at both homes.

Once again, we would like to take a moment to thank our staff members in both our Kitalale and Kikuyu homes for their dedication and support to providing the best care we possibly can for our children. None of this would be possible without you!