Faces of Children of Hope: Introducing Baby John

Baby John

Faces of Children of Hope: Introducing Baby John

The children at our Kikuyu home are celebrating the arrival of baby John into their home. There is nothing that brings more joy to our homes than seeing new faces join our family. Last month, we introduced you to baby John, and your excitement to know more about him warmed our hearts immensely. 

Baby John has brought so much happiness and love into the Kikuyu home. At only five months old, baby John is an easy-going boy who sleeps peacefully, eats well, and always has a smile plastered on his face. 

Origin Story

Our children rushed to greet baby John to our home.

Baby John Mwangi was welcomed into our family last month after being abandoned by his mother, who was said to be suffering from severe mental health conditions. When a good samaritan found baby John, he took baby John to the authorities who involved the local Children’s Officer for the area. After extensive research into his situation, they made the decision he needed ongoing protection and care. They contacted Cecilia, our Social Worker, with the request that we bring him into our Kikuyu family. That morning, Cecilia and Auntie Elizabeth went straight away to pick up baby John. 

We welcomed baby John into our Kikuyu home with traditional songs, dances, and prayers. Since he moved into our home, baby John is doing well. At his regular health checkups, the doctors confirmed that baby John has no medical conditions, and is on the right track healthwise. 

Baby John has reached a healthy weight, and everyone is so happy with his growth and development. With God’s grace, baby John is getting the love and care he needs to thrive.

A Day in the Life of Baby John

Baby John with Auntie Mary

Baby John’s everyday activities look a lot like a typical baby’s day would. He spends most of his time sleeping. When baby John isn’t sleeping, he loves playing with everything around him. Always smiling and bubbly, baby John has adjusted really well to his surroundings in our Kikuyu home. He can recognize his auntie and uncle caregivers, and some of the children. Whenever they approach him to hold baby John or play with him, baby John greets them with excitement. 

Baby John has grown close to aunties Peninah, Mary, and Elizabeth. His newest playmates are Jesse, baby Elaine, Joshua, and Gabriel. Amongst the older children, Noah and Mary are also very fond of him.

What Our Kikuyu Home Has to Say About Baby John

What Our Kikuyu Home Has to Say About Baby John

His playmates aren’t the only ones gushing over baby John. Whenever a child enters baby John’s room or crosses paths with him during the day, they enjoy holding him. There’s a lot of love going around the home for baby John. 

In fact, when asked about what our aunties and children like about baby John, we got a lot of heartfelt answers. Here’s what they had to say about baby John.

“We can see a strong baby boy in him when he grows up, going by his appetite and his peace-loving nature,” said caregiver Elizabeth. “I was privileged to accompany the team to bring John home from the Children’s Office after he had been referred to our home,” she explained. “From the time I held him in my hands, I felt something special about him. I prayed over him to grow up to know God, to love people, and to be a great servant.”

Baby John’s other caregiver, auntie Peninnah said, “John is such a lovely child, his main problem is food; when he is hungry he will cry to the top of his lungs but as soon as he feeds, he starts playing and finally falls asleep.” She went on to say, “he is such a cutie.”

  Our children welcoming Baby John into our home

“We enjoy playing with him; he is fun to hold and play with,” said Noah, baby John’s playmate. 

We are so blessed to have God and our family come with us on this journey to love and care for baby John and give him the strength he needs to thrive. 

Thank you for your continued love for our children. We are eternally grateful. Consider becoming a child sponsor and take a moment to make a gift now. Together, we can make a difference in our children’s lives.