Bundles of Joy

Bundles of Joy

Last year, our Kikuyu home was blessed with not one, not two, but six bundles of joy. Over this past year, Nyambura, Elaine, Jonathan, Jesse, Stacey and Joshua have gone through many diapers, asked for a lot of cuddles and have surprised us with endless giggles and smiles. To date, all of the kids are able to walk and are starting to talk thanks to the tremendous amounts of love from the Aunties and Uncles in our Kikuyu home. 

This month, we want to welcome you into our home and provide some updates from the youngest six members of the Kikuyu home. 

Meet Elaine 

Named after Elaine, our Chief Operating Officer, baby Elaine is now two years old and is doing incredibly well. She’s an active little girl who likes to run around the house with the older kids. As Elaine grows older, her personality is starting to shine through. She is very outgoing and is quickly learning how to hold short and cheerful conversations with the Aunties and Uncles. Even though Elaine is warm and receptive, she’s also started gaining a reputation amongst the Aunties and Uncles for breaking some house rules because she can’t sit still!. 

Meet Jesse

Jesse joined our home around the same time as Elaine, and they have grown close to each other. Jesse is two years old, is full of energy and is starting to develop a very outgoing personality. With all of the kids at home during these past few months, he has been interacting with his other siblings and has gained a lot of confidence as a result. Even though he is a lot of fun to be around, he can sometimes get a bit possessive with his toys and snacks; he wants them all to himself! 

Meet Jonathan

Compared to Elaine and Jesse, Jonathan is a bit more quiet and reserved. It takes him a bit of time to warm up to strangers but once you create a relationship with him, his heart is yours. Jonathan likes to dance and play with toys like building blocks, Legos and anything else that challenges his mental abilities. With the older kids in the home due to the pandemic, Jonathan has bonded with Margaret (one of our highschoolers) who he is able to have short conversations with. 

Meet Natasha Nyambura

When we think of Natasha Nyambura, the first word that comes to mind is “fashion”. This two year old is incredibly smart for her age and loves dressing up in colorful clothes and shoes. Out of the other five kids, Natasha has the easiest time holding conversations, and is able to get along with the older kids as a result. 

Meet Stacey Zawadi 

Out of the six kids, Stacey, usually called Zawadi, is the most reserved, but also the most loving. She loves to smile at everyone, but is selective about who she talks to. She enjoys her space and can sometimes get moody when there is a lot going around her. Even though she can be quiet, she knows how to voice her opinions, and is sure to express herself when she’s upset or uncomfortable. Like the other kids, Zawadi enjoys dancing and playing on the slides and swings of our new playground. 

Meet Joshua Gitonga 

Joshua is the youngest in our Kikuyu home and absolutely loves getting as much attention as we can give him. Even though he can’t speak clearly yet, you can tell he likes being surrounded by others. The Aunties have nicknamed him “Baby Boss” due to his talent for managing crowds. At such a young age, he has developed an affinity for vehicles. Whenever he gets upset, Auntie Peninah will carry him into one of the vehicles where he will immediately start smiling and forget why he was mad in the first place. 

The new playground in our Kikuyu home has been a great addition for our younger kids. They’ve spent countless hours playing on the slide and the swings.  

With six kids at around the same age, it has been an incredible experience to navigate their growth as a group. Even though we typically receive kids from all ages to join our homes, it was a coincidence that six babies joined our Kikuyu home at the same time. We are blessed that we were able to take in these infants considering the additional costs. Diapers, formula, doctors visits and extra support from our staff are all additional costs that we take on as an organization to be able to give these young kids a second chance. Thanks to your support, we are able to live our mission and provide a home to those that need it the most. 
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