Show Our Kids Some Love

Show Our Kids Some Love

Show Our Kids Some Love

The month of love is a celebrated time in our homes. If you’ve been following along with our recent updates, you’ve probably already aware of our plans this Valentines’ Day. 

If you haven’t, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you all. This month, we’re spotlighting six of our wonderful children who have made great progress at our homes and would benefit immensely from being shown some love.

Share your heart with us by taking a moment to sponsor our children. Spread the love personally, or give your loved one a Valentines’ Day surprise by supporting our children in their honor. Leave your loved one’s email address in the comments section of our donation page, and we will notify them about the generous gift made in their honor. 

As these children have either been under sponsored or unsponsored up until now, this is the perfect opportunity to form a personal connection with them. To sponsor a child, write his or her name in the comments section of the donation page, along with the name of a loved one if you’re making the gift in their honor .

We’re so blessed to have you be a part of our family. We’re eternally grateful for your support and can’t wait to share all the love with our children. Together, with our combined faith in God, we can help our children live the life they deserve. 

Take a moment and sponsor our children this Valentines’ Day. 

Meet Our Kitalale Children 

Bethsheba Mukhwana

Birthdate: 8/6/2013

Bethsheba is one of the newest additions to our Kitatale family. She joined with her baby sister, Grace, and has blossomed into a bright and bubbly girl. In the short time that she has stayed here, Bethseba has expressed great fondness for her younger siblings, and spends a lot of her free time playing with them. She wears the brightest smile in the house and her laughter is infectious!

When I joined our family: 2020

Favorite chore: Cleaning around the home

My cherished trait: Friendly

Special talent: Dancing

What I want to be when I grow up: Doctor

Christine Chebet

Grown into a tall and beautiful leader, Christine is a responsible young girl. She is very thoughtful in making her decisions and has a mature and quiet personality. Christine can be found playing with the jump rope or engaging with her siblings in a fun game of cards in her free time. She is also very athletic and active.

When I joined our family: 2013

Favorite chore: Cleaning the floor

My cherished trait: Obedient

Special talent: Dancing

What I want to be when I grow up: Teacher

Darian Makwana

Birthdate: 02/29/2015

Darian is the newest member of our Kitatale family. A resilient young boy, Darian shows tremendous strength and never gives up. Although he faced a few challenges, Darian learned to take his first steps in our home after professional physical therapy. Today, you can find him running around our farm and playing hide-and-seek with his siblings. 

When I joined our family: 2020

Favorite thing to do: Talking

My cherished trait: Loving

Special talent: Singing

Meet Our Kikuyu Children

Mark Njoroge Kamau

Birthdate: 11/04/2016

Mark is a happy-go-lucky child. One of his greatest gifts is his gentle nature. He is a ‘brother’s keeper,’ always watching out for younger children during playtime. Curious about how the world around him works, Mark is always asking questions and talking to his brothers and sisters.

When I joined our family: 2021

Favorite thing to do: Rolling tires on the field

My cherished trait: Always smiling

Special talent: Fast learner

Joshua Gitonga

Birthdate: 03/31/2019

Joshua continues to grow into a tall, loving boy. He is a huge fan of cars and heavy machines; he loves playing with toy versions! His love for play is so intense that when he wakes up, he runs straight to his toys and plays as if he had been awake all day long. 

When I joined our family: 2019

Favorite thing to do: Playing with toy cars

My cherished trait: Charming

Special talent: Fast learner

What I want to be when I grow up: Lawyer

Agnes Nyawira 

Birthdate: 09/22/2012

Agnes continues to grow more confident every day. She has developed a passion for art, and loves expressing her creativity through art projects. She loves to sing and learn and she is always smiling. Agnes has formed a deep bond with her younger siblings and is always excited to spend time with the children and lend a helping hand to our aunties.  

When I joined our family: 2017

Favorite thing to do: Caring for the young ones

My cherished trait: Being humble

Special talent: Learning new skills

What I want to be when I grow up: Social worker

Special talent: Fast learner

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