Health Is Wealth | Maintaining Good Health In Our Homes

Health Is Wealth | Maintaining Good Health In Our Homes

For I will restore health to you, and I will heal you of your wounds, say the Lord
Jeremiah 30:17

Throughout this global pandemic, the time we’ve spent social distancing in our homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has given us a chance to  reflect on what’s really important to us. As a family, we are grateful for our global community, the love that exists in each of the homes and, most importantly, the health and wellbeing of our kids. No matter what’s going on in the world, we can always count on the good health and spirits of our kids to bring us joy. 

Thanks to your contributions—and the help from the Aunties, Uncles, and social workers who provide care in our homes—we are able to provide our kids with access to the best healthcare and treatments. When our kids are healthy, they are happy and able to share their light with the world.

Understanding Healthcare in Kenya

There is a relationship between health and every other aspect of our children’s life. Whether it is a slight head bump (like Joyline’s pictured above) or a cold, our kids will receive the best care possible for them to continue growing into healthy adults.

Like many countries, Kenya has its own healthcare system. We’ve spent years getting familiar with this system so we can best serve the kids in our care. Compared to the United States, the Kenyan healthcare system is accessible to people in two ways. The first option for care is available through the public sector, which provides Kenyan’s with a partially free healthcare system. Through this method, individuals can have access to consultations at no cost and if there is a need for medications or additional procedures, there would be an additional cost. Unfortunately, due to the understandably high demand for this service, it can sometimes take a long time before a child is able to see a doctor. For this reason, we only use the public healthcare system when dealing with low-risk situations like a common cold or basic immunizations for our younger kids. In the case of more time-sensitive situations, we choose the second option, which is to take our kids to a medical specialist for a diagnosis and treatment. This route comes at an increased cost, but it’s worth it because we know our kids will be in good hands and will receive the care they need without delay.

The Experts Care For Our Kids

A few months ago, we welcomed newborn Gracious into our Kitalale home. It is very important for us to do an initial doctor assessment to understand the needs of our children as we welcome them into our home. Pictured above, are Auntie Gloria and Grace with Gracious.

With approximately 500 medical visits a year, we’ve created close relationships with most medical practitioners in our towns. These relationships help establish trust, and they’re the reason we know that, that no matter the situation, these local practitioners always have our kids’ best interest at heart. 

These practitioners play an especially big role when it comes to providing initial health assessments for new children in our care. Oftentimes, these children come to us without a birth certificate and without knowing their age, this examination gives us an opportunity to understand the background of the child and treat any conditions promptly, should it be necessary. After the age assessment, we take that year and the day in which the kid came into our home to form a new birthday. This way, we create an exact date to celebrate as a family! 

During this initial assessment, it’s common for the doctors to diagnose our new kids with a malnutrition deficiency. Thankfully, with plenty of love from the Aunties and Uncles, and a special diet to support their growth, we often see an incredible transformation in just a few days. Deus, Precious, and Maria came to us severely undernourished. They were very thin and small, to the point the Aunties feared for their health. Through prayer, close monitoring, and diet changes, they have all blossomed into healthy toddlers and teenagers who are now 13 (Deus), 8 (Precious) and 8 (Maria).

Some Kids Need Additional Care And Love

In the video above, Josephine is learning to walk using her first pair of prosthetics. Today, she is on her fourth and improved pair. Thanks to the contributions made to our General Fund, we are able to fit them and get them adjusted regularly as she continues to grow. Her most recent pair of prosthetics have a knee bend which has been life-changing for her.

As a children’s home, we care for children with a wide range of healthcare needs. We’re so fortunate to have such a loving community of Aunties, Uncles, and social workers who do a great job of meeting the routine healthcare needs of all of our kids. But some children have health needs that require a bit more attention, and that’s where you come in. 

Your contributions help us cover expenses for kids who have additional needs and require regular appointments with specialists.

Take Josephine for example. Thanks to your additional contributions to the General Fund, we’ve been able to provide Josephine with a new pair of prosthetic limbs that bend at the knee joint and allow her to run and squat like the other kids during playtime. And then there’s Manuel. These funds have helped him receive the much-needed medications that help control his seizure. Because of his consistent progress over the last five years, Manuel received some amazing news from the doctor at his most recent appointment: he no longer requires his medications to live a normal life.

We nourish the minds and bodies of our future generations. Thanks to your help, babies like Elaine above, have been able to grow into strong and healthy kids.

It costs approximately $20 per month to support the medical care for each of our kids. Thanks to the contributions, we can prioritize the health of our 100 kids and give them the best care and attention when needed. Our kids have big dreams, and they can grow into them with a healthy body and mind. Whether it is a one-time or an ongoing donation, we invite you to help transform our kids through the power of good health.

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