Celebrating the Staff In Our Kikuyu Home

Celebrating the Staff In Our Kikuyu Home

This month at Children of Hope, we are continuing to celebrate our staff and the tremendous impact they have had over the years on our Home. Today, we would like to shine a light on the dedication and devotion of our Kikuyu home helpers. 

Please join us in learning a little bit more about our Uncles and Aunties who serve as part of the security team, drivers, and cleaners. We are beyond blessed to have them as part of our family and pray that God continues to work within them so that they may continue to serve with a cheerful heart. 

Brave ‘Moran’ Warriors

At our Kikuyu Home, all the guards on staff come from the Samburu tribe, known as the cousins of the famous Maasai Tribe of Kenya. In fact, both these tribes share large similarities in terms of their language and traditions with only slight differences in dialect and the fact that the Samburu are found in Northern Kenya, while the Maasai predominantly occupy the south. The Samburu community is well known for raising up warriors and young men who are disciplined and protectors against all external harm. These men are famously known as ‘Morans’. This is why they make excellent security guards and we are incredibly grateful to have these brave men keeping our Kikuyu Home safe. 

We currently have a team of five security guards on staff protecting our Kikuyu home day in and day out. These men each play an active role in helping us raise our children. Not only do they act as protectors, but they also play the role of leaders, nurturers, and best friends.  

Meet Uncle Solomon Parkore

Uncle Solomon is the Head of Security at our Kikuyu Home. He is often described by many as soft-spoken yet firm. He leads from the front and never takes chances when it comes to his duties as being part of the security team; a dependable man loved by our entire home. When he is not on duty, Uncle Solomon enjoys playing with the babies. Baby Jesse and Elaine, in particular, are his two favorites. Having been around the home for quite some time, he shares a special bond with the older boys, some of whom he has known since they were babies. 

Meet Uncle Meet Uncle Jalion Lelesit

Uncle Jalion is much more than your average security guard. He is a dog-loving security guard who currently has five of them! Sharing the same love for dogs, our boys Elijah and Jacob especially enjoy Uncle Jalion’s company tremendously. He is always happy to share his hunting knowledge with our kids, teaching them the important role dogs play during the hunt. There is a running joke in our home which is if you are trying to look for Jalion, don’t waste your time looking for him, just go and find the dogs! 

Meet Uncle David Lekalisimi

As the oldest of the group, Uncle David Lekalisimi has a gentle nature to him, but fiercely protects our home from all external threats. Unlike Uncle Solomon, Uncle David leads from behind, always there ready to give the best advice. Filled with wisdom and radiating warmth, he is a great man to be around. 

Meet Uncle David Lelesit

The youngest on the team, Uncle David Lelesit is the go-to guy for running our errands. He is often described as being swift and having a kind heart. Our teenage boys enjoy his company the most, especially when they are playing card games together during their free time. Uncle David is an exemplary young man who works hard to earn a living, an example we hope all of our children can one day follow. He has a young family which he is so proud of. We all love you Uncle David ‘small’, as he is fondly referred to. 

Meet Uncle Dennis Nyarori

Known as Mr. Undercover Cop at our Kikuyu Home, we are extremely lucky to have Uncle Dennis as part of our family. Whenever we host large groups and gatherings, he is always quick to point out anyone suspicious. Whenever we have day laborers helping us work the farms, Uncle Dennis keeps a watchful eye on everyone and is great at spotting those on a rogue mission. This makes Uncle Dennis the perfect day guard since his sharpness in reading situations places him at an advantage during the day. Outside of work, Uncle Dennis enjoys playing football and gladly shares his love for the sport with many of our children.

Mr. Tea”, Our Driver

Meet Uncle Wilson

Uncle Wilson is the driver at our Kikuyu Home. He also plays the role of fill-in housefather when Uncle Sam, our full-time housefather is away. He particularly loves the challenge of dealing with the occasional trouble makers at our home. Acting as a father figure to many, Uncle Wilson in particular has taken both Daniel and Isaac under his wing and formed a strong relationship with the two boys who are both our special needs kids. 

At Children of Hope, we have a tradition to pair up our kids with staff members during Christmas Holiday breaks. During this time, the children are welcomed into our staff’s home and together share the holiday festivities with their families. For the past two years, Uncle Wilson and his wife have welcomed Daniel and Isaac into their home during the holiday break and continue showering them with the love, support, and kindness that he is known for. 

Uncle Wilson enjoys rearing pigs and currently has 25 piglets and 2 sows. Some of the children have shown interest in becoming pig farmers when they transition out from our home since this is becoming a booming business within and around Nairobi. When not driving, Uncle Wilson loves to hang around the boy’s cottage. He also enjoys a cup of tea which has earned him the title of ‘Mr. Tea’. 

To the older kids, Uncle Wilson is the go-to for driving lessons. He plays a key role in teaching these skills to those who recently graduated high school like Dennis Maina who is keen on pursuing a career in the field of driving earth movers. Together with Samson, Uncle Wilson has played a major role in helping find the perfect college for Dennis offering this particular training program. 

The Lovely Aunty Agness

Meet Aunty Agness

Aunty Agness is our main cleaner at our Kikuyu Home. Occasionally she gets some help from Aunty Risper with the cleaning, on other occasions, day laborers help her out. Aunty Agness is the sweetest, most diligent person you will ever meet. You can often find her running around from one house to another doing her chores throughout the day. She hums the tune of her favorite song while working hard on the laundry, making sure everything is clean and organized. Her energy is unmatched, but most importantly, her heart is made of gold. Aunty Agness is a blessing to all of us at our Kikuyu home and overflows with love and generosity.

We Are Thankful