Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Jacob

Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Jacob

Jacob at 8 years old with Mary, one of the older girls he is close to at the Kikuyu home

Each month, we shine the light on one of the precious children in our family. This is an opportunity to share the impact that donors like you have on their daily growth and development.

The life skills learned in our homes are crucial for each child’s future independence. We have previously shared that the boys in our Kikuyu home, under the leadership of Uncle Sam, have developed their own vegetable garden and animal husbandry business to learn valuable life lessons.

We are proud to introduce Jacob for our August spotlight, one of the members of the Kikuyu boys’ budding business.
Jacob with uncle Alfred, the accountant at our Kikuyu home, at a celebration honouring those who had improved their studies


Jacob, now 13, graced us with his presence when he was just 6 months old. His mother, unable to provide the care he needed, left him at a hospital and police were able to bring him into our loving care. Malnourished when we received him, Jacob quickly gained strength under the care of our aunties and uncles.

Thirteen years have passed and we are happy to share that he is now in grade 6 and thriving. His smile can light up a room and brings joy to all who surround him, especially when playing referee with the whistle during a heated game of table tennis. He also enjoys playing soccer with the other boys.

Jacob (right) with his best friend and “brother” Isaac


Jacob also has a very thoughtful and serious side, and often leads the other children in the evening devotions. He arrived the same year as Isaac, and they’ve grown up as brothers and best friends. You can be sure to find the two of them together. Isaac has cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair when he was younger, which Jacob would push for him to ensure he never missed out on any activities. We are blessed to share that Isaac now uses a walker and that Jacob, as faithful as ever, continues to help him with his physical therapy exercises with assistance from Uncle Sam.


Jacob (left) with Isaac


Jacob is respectful and hard working. Like any teenager, he sometimes needs reminding to complete his chores around the home! We thank God that his last three exams showed improvement, and that he is taller and stronger than ever with no major health problems.

Jacob working in the garden

The first two rabbits purchased, before there were baby bunnies!


A leader in the Kiyuku home, Jacob is one of our young entrepreneurs. As soon as he arrives home from school, he checks on the rabbit business he helped create with the other boys and Uncle Sam. They grew vegetables and sold them to our kitchen. These earnings were used to purchase two rabbits to breed for sale. We delivered six healthy baby bunnies just last week – a good start for this budding project! Jacob and the boys hope to raise enough from their venture to purchase a cow.

We ask that you pray for Jacob’s continued growth and development, and for his continued improvement in school.


It costs $400 USD a month to raise a child like Jacob, which supports everything from supplies (food, clothing, shelter, medicine, water, electricity and gas for three vehicles) to staff (aunties, uncles, cooks, social workers, counsellors, drivers and security guards).

We give thanks to our network of existing supporters. If you are considering sponsoring a child, visit our ways to give page or send us a message. We are happy to explore the support level that best suits your budget.

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