Faces of Children of Hope: Welcoming our New Babies

Faces of Children of Hope: Welcoming our New Babies

Celebrations were in full swing at the Kikuyu home as they welcomed two new babies into the family. This month has been an exciting month for us all. With God’s blessings and your support, we were able to bring baby Jayden and baby Philip into our lives at Children of Hope Kikuyu. There’s nothing more humbling and heartwarming than seeing new children join our family. The children are over-the-moon about the kids’ arrivals, and we can’t wait to share all the updates with you.  

Introducing Baby Jayden 

If you’ve been following along with us, you probably remember baby Jayden. Last month, we briefly introduced you to him in our newsletter, and we knew you would be eager to know more about him. So today, we’re sharing more about baby Jayden. 

Baby Jayden was greeted at our Kikuyu home last month and is at the tender age of 6 weeks today. After being abandoned by his mother at birth in a hospital near our Kikuyu home, we were contacted by the local Children’s Department to see if we could take him into our home. Baby Jayden was welcomed into our family when he was only 3 days old. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to be able to provide him with a nurturing home, care, nutrition, and love. 

A Story of Coming Together

Being the youngest in the family, baby Jayden gets a lot of love and attention from everyone at home. He is adjusting well – he loves sleeping and having his bottles of milk. At such a tender age, his schedule includes sleeping, waking up and eating, and sleeping some more. 

Our Kikuyu children are enjoying spending time with their newest brother. Rose, 13 years old, loves babies a lot. She’s especially fond of baby Jayden and spends a lot of her free time with him. Rose enjoys lending a hand and helping the aunties feed baby Jayden. 

Overcoming Hurdles

Baby Jayden being greeted by his brothers and sisters

Faith, spirituality, and care bring us together in our homes and help us face challenges. Baby Jayden has shown incredible resilience and growth over the last 6 weeks. When he joined our family, baby Jayden was so tiny that he needed careful care from the aunties. Since then, baby Jayden has grown remarkably. He is eating well and has been gaining weight and growing steadily. We’re eternally grateful to our dedicated aunties and our extended family (you!), as we watch baby Jayden thrive.  

We can’t wait to see him grow and have him come into his personality. 

Introducing Baby Phillip

Baby Phillip with Auntie Irene

Baby Phillip was welcomed to our Kikuyu home on August 24th, at the age of 3 months. He was found on the street with his mentally ill mother who was taken to a mental hospital for care and treatment. We feel incredibly grateful to have been requested by the local Children’s Department to give baby Phillip a home.

A Story of Coming Together

Baby Phillip was received by the Kikuyu family with lots of singing, dancing, hugs, and prayers. Auntie Cecilia (social worker) invited Serah to go with her to pick up baby Phillip. Serah has joined the University of Nairobi to begin studying pharmacy. Auntie Cecilia thought it would be a good experience for Serah, and it certainly was. Serah enjoyed being involved in bringing baby Phillip home. When they walked in with baby Phillip the children, aunties and uncles came rushing to greet him. The children were beyond delighted to meet their new brother. Phillip was an absolute joy – he was passed around as the rest of his brothers and sisters got a chance to hold him after coming home from school. 

Overcoming Hurdles

Baby Phillip with Auntie Damaris

Due to neglect from a very young age, Baby Phillip had not had any of his immunization vaccines done. The first thing we did was take him for his medical checkup and get his immunizations started. Since his initial visit to the doctor at the end of August, baby Phillip has gained weight and is developing well. 

Baby Phillip is a bundle of joy in our Kikuyu home. He is a calm and happy baby and loves his bottles of milk. The toddlers love spending time with him because of his smiles. We’re so thankful for all the love and care our aunties and uncles have been able to provide for baby Phillip. This has been made possible by the generous support of our extended family. Thank you for continuing to give us the ability to provide a safe and nurturing home for the children God has entrusted to our care. 

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