Faces of Children of Hope: Baby John Mwangi

Faces of Children of Hope: Baby John Mwangi

Earlier this year, in March, we introduced Baby John Mwangi to you and the overwhelming love and support we got for him was incredibly humbling. Today, we’re here to share his journey with you as he has continued to grow over the past six months at our Kikuyu home. 

Baby John, as you probably recall, brought a lot of happiness into our Kikuyu home. Today, he’s 11 months old and is now familiar with his brothers’ and sisters’ faces and is always smiling wide when he recognizes the other children. He loves crawling on the carpet and playing with his toys. It brings us great joy to say that baby John is now learning to move around the house by holding onto chairs and other objects. We’re delighted to watch him as he continues to grow and hit his developmental milestones. 

A Day in the Life of Baby John

A typical day for baby John involves waking up between 6:30 -7:00 am and feeding before playing till about mid-morning. Then he has a snack and takes a small nap before being given a bath. On sunny days, baby John along with the other babies at home, are taken out to enjoy the warm morning sunshine. At 12:30, he is given his lunch, and the rest of the afternoon involves playing, having an afternoon snack, and taking small naps until 8:00 pm when he goes to bed for the night. 

Baby John is incredibly engaging and always has a smile on his face. His brothers and sisters are always eager to play with him, and baby John is usually showered with affection all the time. Josephine Ng’endo who is in sixth grade enjoys playing with baby John and she always asks the aunties if she can help with feeding baby John his meals. It’s really heartwarming to watch our children form such loving bonds in the home. Due to his friendliness, the aunties at home think baby John will be an outgoing boy when he grows up. They can’t wait to see baby John take on his own personality. 

Testimonials: Aunties, Uncles, and Staff

Our Kikuyu home is filled with diligent aunties and uncles who go out of their way to make sure the children are cared for, loved, and supported in every aspect of their lives. We are eternally grateful for this loving home, and know that none of this would have been possible without you! For that, we are forever thankful. 

When we asked auntie Peninah about baby John, this is what she had to say…

“I see John Mwangi growing to be a people person since he smiles a lot and enjoys the company of other children. He enjoys all the attention just like any other child. He is the youngest in our house and thus receives a lot of love and attention from all around.” 

We’re thrilled to see baby John so happy in our Kikuyu home as he continues to grow and thrive. 

Overcoming Hurdles 

Baby John has hit his expected milestones. He has started making sounds as he tries to interact with other members of the home. 

At Children of Hope, it is our community, faith in God, and our dedicated family that have helped our children continue to grow and thrive.  

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