Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Christine


Faces of Children of Hope | Meet Christine

We’re so grateful for the space this monthly spotlight provides us to continue sharing personal stories from our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes. As you know, there are approximately 50 kids in each home – this creates an environment for countless stories and memories that have impacted all of our lives.

For this spotlight, we want to feature one of our recent high school graduates Christine!

Meet Christine

Christine is an outgoing, passionate and talented 21-year-old who just graduated high school this past December. She’s been following her dreams ever since and has made us proud.

As a jovial and easygoing person, Christine always makes friends easily wherever she goes. Something very special about her is that she’s always had a clear eye for fashion and style and is always willing to share her knowledge with others. One of Christine’s outstanding qualities, among many, is that she’s easily able to connect with others and create a space to engage in meaningful conversations – she’s a true leader.

ChristineGraduating from high school can be difficult for many for a variety of reasons. This period of uncertainty can create a disconnect for many, when reality is distorted and grasping onto what one is “supposed to do” can be difficult to find through the layers of confusion. To help ease this period of stress for our kids, we’ve been sending our latest high school graduates to the Word of Life Kenya program 5-month conference. Through this program, our kids develop and grow further personally and professionally with the intention of grounding themselves and finding internal clarity. With this training, Christine was able to go through career coaching and continue developing her public speaking abilities.

Inspired by another past grad in our home, Christine’s sharp attention to detail and superb talent with her hands has made her realize that she would like to continue her education at the Beauty Point College. This year-long program will qualify her and give her credentials to work in the hair & beauty industry and become a successful professional. After completing the program, Christine will be able to work at a salon in a variety of areas or even work independently.


A big thanks to our social worker Cecilia Masinde (pictured on the right) for helping Christine with the registration process and for accompanying her on her first day.

Once graduated from high school, our kids no longer live in our homes but are still supported by CoH. As members of our family, housing and accommodation costs are covered until they’ve completed their education and become independent. Our older children are welcome to drop by anytime, especially during special occasions to celebrate together as one family. Many of the kids who are working and independently supporting themselves will call and visit occasionally as they know our doors are always open.

It is because of donors like you that kids like Christine are able to be given the opportunity to follow their dreams and reach for the stars.

Whether you’re able to give a one-time or ongoing donation, know that your contribution is able to bring happiness and hope to kids like Christine. We kindly ask you to consider making a donation here. God bless you.

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