Transitioning Into 2021: Reflecting On Our Christmas Break

Transitioning Into 2021: Reflecting On Our Christmas Break

As we start a new year, we want to take the opportunity to reflect on our children experiencing a period of transition. Let’s rewind to the holidays and find out how our children spent their Christmas break… 

Our Christmas Break

The Christmas season is a period for spending time with loved ones, giving, receiving, and celebrating the birth of Christ. Over the last few years, we started a tradition of our staff opening their homes to host our children during the month of December and throughout the Christmas period. This tradition has been a highlight for both our staff and our children. The children get to experience a different family set-up, eat different food, meet different people, and travel to different places. 

The experience is invaluable and our children always return to our homes with heart-warming stories to tell. Here’s just a few of them…

A Road Trip for Francis Munene & Michael Leposo

Francis and Michael from our Kikuyu home had the opportunity to join Kepha and his family. Kepha is our head cook at our Kikuyu home and he was excited to take Francis and Michael back to his home to experience his family’s way of life. Not only did Francis and Michael spend the holidays with Kepha’s family, but they got the chance to travel to join Kepha’s extended family, which meant traveling by bus for over 400 kilometers. The landscapes and sites they got to see were phenomenal; from upcountry tea and coffee plantation farms to passing densely populated regions where people lived in mud houses. 

Francis loved trying the delicious food that they experienced when visiting the village.

Michael enjoyed playing soccer games with the other children in the village.

When asked about their favorite moments over the festive season, Francis couldn’t stop talking about the amazing food enjoyed at the village they visited, while Michael couldn’t get enough of the soccer games with the other children in the village. Evenings were spent gathered around a campfire with other friends and family.

A Farm Experience for Elijah Ngige

Our accountant, Simon, hosted Elijah at his family’s farm. Simon rears pigs and chickens, and with Elijah’s love for animals, he couldn’t have been more delighted to spend time feeding and tending to the animals. He enjoyed playing with the piglets and was the first to wake up each day, excited to spend time with the family and animals. 

Elijah loved his time caring for the animals.


Mary Waithera Refining Her Cooking Skills

Mary, from our Kikuyu home, stayed with Abraham, our director of operations here at Children of Hope. Abraham, his wife, and his 3 children; Angel, Ethan, and Finlay had the most magical festive break hosting Mary. Mary enjoyed spending time with baby Finlay, helping out with chores, and cooking with Abraham’s wife. They enjoyed trialing different recipes (some were a huge success!). They all had the opportunity to really bond. When it was time for Mary to return, tears were shed by everyone as it was truly a special festive break hosting Mary. 

Mary loved spending time refining her cooking and baking skills with Abraham’s family.

Photo Time for Aaron, Patricia and Naomi

Amos and Lillian, our accountant and matron, had the pleasure of hosting Aaron, Patricia, and Naomi for the Christmas period. Prior to the visit, 8-year-old Patricia started asking questions relating to her identity and wanting to know how she came to live at the home. We also noticed that Naomi was becoming withdrawn and spending time alone. While these can be hard but important conversations to have, Lillian, took the opportunity to address these concerns with the girls. By the end of the break, both Lillian and Amos observed a noticeable change in the girls’ feelings and actions.

On New Year’s Day, Patricia, Naomi, and Aaron, along with Amos and Lilian joined Mary, Abraham, and his family for lunch, where the children enjoyed catching up and eating delicious food. They were also taken to a photography studio where they had photos taken and marveled at the lights and make-up artists. 

Amos and Lillian took the children to have their photos taken while they were hosting during the Christmas break. 

Nearly a month on and the children are still reflecting on the fun and interesting experiences they had over last year’s festive break! It was much needed after spending the majority of the year quarantined at our homes.

Our children and staff are excited for the year ahead and look forward to making memories. Thank you once again for your continued support and prayers as our extended family across the globe.