How Our Kids Celebrate Christmas

How Our Kids Celebrate Christmas

The Christmas season is one of the most cherished moments for us and our kids. During this time, we come together as a family, celebrate and share the love we have for each other, and strengthen our faith.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

In America, we celebrate Christmas by decorating our homes and public spaces. Many families organize festive meals with loved ones, share stories and exchange gifts. Aside from it being approximately 80°F in Kenya at this of the year, our Christmas festivities are no different! The focus still revolves around spending quality family time together and spreading love.

Christmas In Kenya

Christmas is a time in Kenya where most individuals travel back to the towns or villages they are originally from to help with the holiday preparations. Houses and churches get fully decorated with balloons, ribbons, flowers and sometimes even fake snow to resemble the western concept of Christmas. It’s truly beautiful seeing families and community members come together to decorate public spaces.

On Christmas Day, it is customary to see families donning new outfits and heading to church for morning service before meeting their extended families where they will feast. Virtually all families cook a special meal on this day and their smell fills the air.

Christmas In Our Homes 

Christmas in our homes is no different than for other families in Kenya. We always make it a special day and endeavor to bring everyone together so that it’s memorable for our kids. Aunties and Uncles include several of the kids in the planning and decorating process so they can add their own touch of holiday spirit to the home. The older kids get involved by helping the younger ones dress up, an activity they enjoy so much. Members from the church and community often come bearing gifts and join the kids and staff with food, clothes or decorations. The feeling at the homes is one of warmth, love and celebration; you can almost touch it!

Last year at our Kitalale home, we spent Christmas eve decorating the gathering space with balloons, a Christmas tree and other ornaments with the kids. The warm air was punctuated by the wonderful Christmas carols and the angelic voices of our kids who sang along. The Christmas spirit took over by nightfall.

In the morning of Christmas day, we were all woken up by the chirping of the weaver birds who live on a tree by our home. The kids itched for it finally being Christmas morning and showing off the new attires they had been gifted at church. After a light snack, the kids were taken for a swim at a nearby town that’s 20 minutes away; swimming is one of the kid’s favorite activities – especially during the peak of summer!

In the evening, James, the head cook assembled a surprise menu which included roasted goat meat (a delicacy in Kenya) for everyone to enjoy. After a feast, the music started playing and the kids took the spotlight to show off their dance moves. We ended the day with devotions and soon after, the kids went to bed completely exhausted and extremely happy!


During this time of the year, we’re reminded of how beautiful and valuable family is. In both of our homes, we come together as one to share the love and make every single kid feel special and cared for. We’re also grateful for all of our family around the world who believes in us and our cause; your contributions are a daily gift of opportunity for all of the kids in the Kikuyu and Kitalale homes. Your contributions are helping care for our next generation.

Heri ya Krimasi! (Happy/Merry Christmas!)