Annual Postcard Party in our Homes

Annual Postcard Party in our Homes

Ephesians 1:5, “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to
himself through Jesus Christ.”

Some things come around once a year and we anticipate them months ahead of time, like a birthday or Christmas. The children in both our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes add one more date to that list…the Postcard Party!

What Makes the Postcard Party So Special?

  1. Each child receives a personal, hand-written note filled with details and prayers specifically concerning them. Things like, “I love that you enjoy helping with the animals,” “I’ve been praying for you as you choose your course of study,” or “I hear you are really good at math.”
  2. Having a “family member” from across the ocean write to them is a tangible reminder that they are known and loved – that this person carries them in their heart.
  3. Along with a note, presents are handed out to each child. This year, the gifts included: a draw-string backpack, personalized water bottle, American candy, and a framed, update picture of themselves to keep (each child truly cherishes this photo). They also received colored pencils to decorate the picture frame.
  4. Another copy of each child’s photo is displayed in the home. The children love to compare them to last year’s photo and see how much they are growing and changing.
  5. This year, to finish off the celebration, there was ice cream and soda for everyone, things that are reserved for special occasions.

What was incredibly special was watching the older kids help the younger ones who don’t know how to read. The older siblings love the chance to read these special notes to their little brothers and sisters – to get to share in their joy.

You can see in the pictures the delight and fun they had along with some tender moments pondering their special notes.

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