Viola Chepchi

Meet Viola

Viola is passionate about her education. She also loves fashion and performing as an actress.



Year joined Children of Hope:


Favorite activity:

Modeling, Fashion & Arts

Cherished trait:

Stylist in the house.

Special talent:

An eye for fashion and confident personality.

Career aspirations:

Fashion & Arts or Business

It costs $400 a month to raise Viola, who is partially sponsored.

This includes the cost of clothes, education, food, aunties & uncles to provide care, counsellors, kitchen staff, security guards, social workers, drivers, vehicles, electricity and gas.

Will you support Viola in 2019?

100% of your funds go to raising her.

Here’s how far your donation dollars can go in Kenya:



Medical Care For A Month



Education For A Month



Nutritious Food For A Month



Loving Care For A Month



Loving Care For A Year

Viola’s Sponsorship Drive

Viola is currently sponsored at $40 per month.

Meet Viola’s Champion!

Our network of supporters are helping raise funds to get all our kids sponsored in 2019


Celeste Bembry

Connection to Children of Hope:

What a transformational experience and privilege I was given by going to Kenya (August 2018) with the Waterloo Antioch Baptist Church Mission team of six women to interact with the nearly 100 precious yet parentless Kenyan children living in the Children of Hope orphan homes.  I bore witness to the most awesome children primarily in their formative years.  All the children including Terrence and Viola are vibrant of spirit, attending school (a privilege), intelligent, loving, polite, compassionate, selfless toward each other, zealous, eager, curious and ready to engage!  What a joy to be with Viola, Terrance and the other children.

The House of Hope family of 80 children are healthy in every way; in mind, in body, and in spirit thanks to the outstanding labor and efforts of the women and men working in the Children of Hope Africa organization.  Raising eighty children in a serene, healthy and loving environment is no easy task. Thus says the Lord, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt: 19: 23-30. 

Please join me with a financial donation to the Children of Hope Africa organization that is raising 100 children in the highest regard of love, respect, and integrity.

Your dollars will continue their exemplary parenting to nearly 100 children to thrive and grow into contributing members of humankind.

What an honor and extraordinary privilege to know Viola, Terrence and all the children and advocate for them now. My heart is full again just to speak their names and reflect on their goodness and joy.  May your heart be full to give in gladness to recognize the value and worth of this community of children.

Peace and Grace,

Celeste Bembry