Rose Nyokabi

Meet Rose

Rose is very creative and loves outdoor activities, especially animals. Rose is a good friend to all the children and loves to share.



Year joined Children of Hope:


Favorite activity:

Playing with dolls

Cherished trait:


Special talent:

She has a soft heart for our special needs children and for our precious new babies. She is always helping aunties with feeding and holding them.

It costs $400 a month to raise Rose, who is partially sponsored.

This includes the cost of clothes, education, food, aunties & uncles to provide care, counsellors, kitchen staff, security guards, social workers, drivers, vehicles, electricity and gas.

Will you support Rose in 2019?

100% of your funds go to raising her.

Here’s how far your donation dollars can go in Kenya:



Medical Care For A Month



Education For A Month



Nutritious Food For A Month



Loving Care For A Month



Loving Care For A Year

Rose’s Sponsorship Drive

Rose is currently sponsored at $100 per month.

Meet Rose’s Champion!

Our network of supporters are helping raise funds to get all our kids sponsored in 2019


Jen Clark

Connection To Children of Hope:

“It is my honor to share Rose and Children of Hope with you. For nearly 10 years, I’ve volunteered with this incredible organization watching the two homes grow and kids thrive. I can tell you that every person involved with Children of Hope is committed to offering love, home, family and support to the most vulnerable. Rose came to Children of Hope as an infant. Every donation helps provide for her full care, education and security. I hope you will join me in raising support for this special child.”