Elaine Njeri

Meet Elaine

Elaine joined us at just two days old. She was found by an elderly woman after being abandoned by her mother in the bushes. She was welcomed with great excitement, songs and dancing.


3 months

Year joined Children of Hope:


Cherished trait:

Baby Elaine was found abandoned the same day she was born and joined us at just two days old. We are so thankful to have been entrusted to care for her. The other children are very helpful and enjoy being allowed to help with her care.

It costs $400 a month to raise Elaine, who is partially sponsored.

This includes the cost of clothes, education, food, aunties & uncles to provide care, counsellors, kitchen staff, security guards, social workers, drivers, vehicles, electricity and gas.

Will you support Elaine in 2019?

100% of your funds go to raising her.

Here’s how far your donation dollars can go in Kenya:



Medical Care For A Month



Education For A Month



Nutritious Food For A Month



Loving Care For A Month



Loving Care For A Year

Elaine’s Sponsorship Drive

Elaine is currently sponsored at $40 per month.

Meet Elaine’s Champion!

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Our network of supporters are helping raise funds to get all our kids sponsored in 2019


Elaine Storck

Connection To Children of Hope:

I am so happy and excited to be baby Elaine’s champion.  As most of my friends and family know, Children of Hope is a huge part of my life and heart.  This summer while I was in Kenya, our Kikuyu home took in this precious baby girl who was only 2 days old.  The Kenyan staff sweetly decided to name her Elaine, it is such a blessing to have her as my namesake. 

I have made it my personal goal to help get Elaine fully sponsored. Every gift counts towards her care, and I hope that my friends and family will join hands with me in fully supporting Elaine in 2019.