Kitalale’s New Truck

Children of Hope® came to our supporters over the summer with a pretty big need. The truck at the Kitalale home was well past its useful life. It needed to be sold before it stopped working completely. Having a truck at Kitalale is a necessity. Kitalale is located in a fairly rural community. There is farmland to be tended to, groceries and other supplies that need to be hauled.

Abraham, our financial director in Kenya did his research and ran his numbers. In order to purchase a reliable used truck, their current truck needed to be sold and we needed to raise $20,000.

We shared this need with our supporters and the outpouring of support was amazing. We asked, and our supporters delivered in a big way. In three weeks, our supporters donated $20,850. As you can imagine, the staff in the US and in Kenya were blown away by the generosity that was shown. Needless to say there were many excited phone calls and much celebration. Then the long search began for our team in Kenya. The team scoured the market for the best truck they could find. After much searching and several near purchases that did not work out, they finally found their truck.

Abraham found a Toyota Hilux truck that fit all the needs and checked all the boxes. They are so happy to have the truck, and although it took longer than expected, it was worth the wait.